Is Salesforce just a CRM or why Salesforce is a brilliant solution for business

Is Salesforce just a CRM or why Salesforce is a brilliant solution for business

Imagine the situation, you have a business in which you are constantly trying to improve processes and service, but something constantly goes wrong: the sales manager fell ill, someone forgot to deliver materials to one of the customers, and you lost him, or there was an unexpected miscommunication between your employees.

If you don't have to imagine, then you have already understood what you need to correct errors and implement something that will never fail - the CRM system.

Modern CRM-systems

They will help the business to automatically record all requests, save the history of interaction with customers and simplify the sales process, which means increased sales by automating many routine processes and increasing customer loyalty.

How does it work?

CRM (customer relationship management) is a complex of strategies, methods, tools and technologies used by the business to develop, retain and attract customers as a special approach to business, in which the customer is the first priority of the company's activities. And if you still have a question why CRM is so important, here are some arguments:

  1. Functionality. You can implement this in any organizational unit, from sales to analytics and reporting. That is, you will take away from the sales department the organization of the sales force, reduce manual processes and administrative tasks to zero, and, as a result, increase the volume of sales in the company.

  2. Speed. Because CRM provides quick access to data, it becomes much easier for users to collaborate with each other, solving team interaction problems and increasing productivity.

  3. Generality. Another strong argument in favour of CRM is that the system is suitable for companies of any size and any industry - banks, real estate agencies, large manufacturing enterprises, transport companies, distributors, telecommunications companies, government institutions and many others.

Which CRM is the best?

The next thought that occurs in the head of a real businessman is that such a CRM is necessary for me! And you start googling where and how to buy it. And you see a sea of different systems that are too complicated, too expensive or a lot of another too many. If you have a lot of free time, then you will persistently deal with it yourself. But it's no secret that real business owners never have too much time. Therefore, we suggest that you now delegate it to us and familiarize yourself with Salesforces.

Advantages of Salesforces

It would be logical to ask what makes Salesforce different from other CRMs. We can talk for a long time, what are the features of Salesforce CRM, e.g. the clear and convenient interface, wide functionality, which includes the basics of communication with customers, creation of marketing activities, automation of service requests and maintenance, tracking of sources of requests and generation of leads, accumulation of information about customers.

But Salesforce is more, it is a cloud platform based on which, in addition to the CRM part, there is what you really need. Salesforce allows you to create and deploy custom solutions. This is the case when work is simple and high-quality: you don't need to install any programs, there are no requirements for equipment, only access to the Internet and everything is in your hands.

If you want to develop your own product, Salesforce provides the ability to develop and sell your own products that can be released as apps on the AppExchange. If you need access to other products or integrations created by other users, Salesforce is here again. Even your mail such as Outlook, Gmail is already built into Salesforce as an integration and does not need to be migrated.

So, I hope you have appreciated all the advantages of CRM systems in general and Salesforce in particular, because while you think DELL, Canon, Philips, Western Union, Cisco, Toyota, American Express are already using it!


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