We design, develop and integrate complex systems

System Integration

  • Salesforce integration with your website
  • Custom integrations: VMware, PayPal, Stripe, cPanel, Telegram, etc.
  • Ensure constant dataflow between your systems
Custom systems integrations
Complex web development

Web development

The web world offers a huge variety of solutions both for your business and your customers. We acquire the most efficient ones to bring you from MVP to scalable enterprise products. As a full-cycle app development company, we specialize in Python, Django and Javascript, React, and are able to tackle any challenge with our expert tech stack.

  • Fast creation of minimum viable product
  • Further maintenance and support after deployment
  • Formation of client-server interaction architecture
  • Creation of databases
  • Designing the structure of connections and data exchange
  • We can create webscrappers, parsers, automation scripts


  • Continuous integration and delivery with Jenkins, Gitlab, Github, Bamboo, etc.
  • Setting up development/stage/production environments on Linux
  • Working with cloud and hosting services
  • Administrating server control panels on Linux
  • Log gathering with Loki-Promtail and ELK
  • Builds and deployments with Docker
  • Configuration management with Ansible playbooks
  • Supporting virtual machines (KVM, Docker, Proxmox)
DevOps services
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

  • Analyze project documentation to ensure a full understanding of business and technical requirements
  • Web/mobile testing
  • Designing relevant Test Cases/Checklists/Bug reports
  • Integration and performance testing

UI/UX Design Services

Digital products comprise complex development and processes, but customers don’t need to know that. We design your idea the way people want to interact with it, creating human-centered and research-based interfaces with the best UI/UX practices.

  • Interface prototyping
  • Logo and visual identity
  • Adaptive web design
  • Brand Identity
UI/UX Design Services
Project Management


  • Fast and efficient responses
  • Clear development process
  • Transparent and regular reports
  • Protection of confidentiality

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