Why is Django so powerful and you should choose it for your business application

Why is Django so powerful and you should choose it for your business application

In this article, we'll talk about what Django is and why it's considered one of the best web development tools. To answer the question, what is the Django web framework, you need to understand all the necessary terminology.

What is framework?

When creating an application or any other software product, we want to do it quickly and efficiently. It is easier to achieve this using the experience and best practices of other developers, because many of the tasks that we encounter in the process of work have already been solved by someone. In fact, using a framework allows you to focus on business tasks and not think about technical details where possible. The framework itself determines the way to develop an application, that is, it not only provides convenient development tools in the form of auxiliary functions and classes, but also directly forms the project architecture, creates the code structure, in other words, determines the path along which you will create your application.

What is Django?

Django is an open source, high-level Python web framework that allows you to build everything from simple websites and simple chatbots to complex architecture and high load applications. It's important to mention that Django is completely free and is supported by the non-profit Django Software Foundation.

The Django web framework is used by Instagram, Disqus, Mozilla, The Washington Times, Pinterest, YouTube, Google, and more.

What is Django used for?

Anyone who is not familiar enough with all the capabilities of Django may think that it is a content management system (CMS), just like thousands of others. But in reality, everything is a bit deeper. The Django framework performs many tasks and is used to create: - CRM system. - CMS. - Communication platforms. - Document management platform, etc.

Also, Django can significantly simplify the introduction of your business due to the fact that it is suitable for creating algorithm generators, email platforms, verification systems and much more. Such popularity is not accidental. Let's take a look at why Django is the best choice for your business.

Benefits of Django

  • General and universal Django will handle your business tasks from start to finish, making it a comprehensive system. Also, Django provides a solution for any functionality using both its own properties and external components, if necessary.
  • Safe Django provides protection against many vulnerabilities by default, so you don't have to worry about it.
  • Scalable This means that the development of the project can begin with the creation of a small application or service that will perform the main function, and then, if the launch is successful, it will be possible to gradually expand the functionality of the service and add new functions.
  • –°onvenient to accompany Django is based on the DRY (Don't repeat yourself) principle, so you now only need to spend time on what's important, and Django will do the rest by itself, avoiding unnecessary duplication.
  • Portable Django is written in the cross-platform Python language. This means that you are not tied to any particular server platform and can run applications on many versions of Linux or Windows.

Who is Django for?

The answer is simple: Django is the solution for anyone interested in fast, high-quality development at minimal cost. The possibilities of Django are so limitless that the situation in which the developer hits the ceiling and cannot solve the problem simply cannot be. Django is suitable for both small startups and large web projects.


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