Why You Need SaaS Integration

Why You Need SaaS Integration

There is no doubt that on-premises software still plays a significant role in many businesses today. However, it's becoming common for companies worldwide to opt for cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS).

But what are the advantages of such a software licensing model? Well, not only does SaaS allow businesses to outsource most of the IT responsibilities, but it also drastically reduces deployment time compared to on-premises software. However, businesses may still face certain challenges when using SaaS.

The first one is the lack of transparency. Different departments might not have the same quick access to certain data. This may cause employees to distract their colleagues from work.

The second challenge is performing tedious tasks. Employees may need to jump between applications to search for specific data. They may also need to update certain data across different systems.

The third one is employee and customer experience. This problem results from the previous two. Data access difficulties and the need to manually update information may lead to a lack of time. This time could be spent on more strategic tasks which could contribute to a better experience for both your employees and customers.

However, all the issues listed above have a simple solution, which is SaaS integration.

Proper integration allows your team to get the most out of each SaaS avoiding unnecessary email interruption and jumping between different systems. Better employee experience eventually leads to better customer experience. The bottom line is that SaaS integration makes your business’ workflow more efficient.

Of course, proper integration requires highly qualified specialists. VinDevs is a full-cycle app development company with expertise in developing systems of any complexity, third-party services integrations, and monitoring and maintenance of such portals.


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