Can I replace PHP with Python?

Can I replace PHP with Python?

Even if you are a fan of a programming language, you have to admit that there is no such thing as a perfect programming language. Technologies are constantly developing, some are replaced by others, and those that do not have time to keep up with the times remain far beyond the limits of popularity and success.

Unfortunately, the once extremely popular PHP programming language is now losing ground and cannot compete with more progressive ones. This is not surprising - PHP has been around for over 27 years.

Therefore, in this post, we will briefly analyze whether it is worth continuing to use PHP, and what are the alternatives that are used today.

PHP: Is It Still Worth Using?

Choosing a reliable programming language is the first step in creating a successful website that will bring you customers and income. Given the need to create reliable, secure, and dynamic products, choosing the right programming language is more important than ever.

For a long time, PHP is a free and open-source scripting language that has been a favorite for the development of the most modern sites. The abbreviation PHP used stands for Personal Homepage, now it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. The main purpose of PHP is to create web servers.

Overall, it's easy to learn, scales well is built into HTML, and has a large developer community.

But today, there are several disadvantages:

  1. Lack of security and reliability.
  2. Not suitable for the development of large web applications, and therefore for numerous businesses.
  3. Can cause errors.
  4. Has low performance, and does not support the use of many functions at the same time.

Against this background, the scale of use is decreasing every year. Business owners prefer other, better and newer programming languages for their websites, worrying about the fate of their products or services. They no longer ask: "Should I use PHP or Python for the backend?".

Because the only conclusion that can be drawn in 2022: it’s time to move on.

PHP Best Alternatives

One of the most powerful and widespread programming languages in the world - Python is really a worthy competition for PHP for a wide variety of web projects.

This is because Python is a powerful, portable programming language that is very easy to learn and extremely easy and convenient to use. It provides advanced functionality for superior performance, especially when it comes to processing and managing large data sets. This power becomes extremely important when your project involves a large amount of automation.

Python vs PHP: A Struggle of Possibilities

Let's analyze one by one what capabilities Python has as an alternative to PHP. 

  • Usage. Python is easy for beginners and can be used for web development along with machine learning, big data, AI, and more. PHP is more difficult to understand and is aimed at web development.

  • Speed. One of the main differences is the frameworks used by both of these languages. Python uses Django, Pyramid, etc., while PHP uses Zend, Codeigniter, Laravel, etc. And if you are interested in the answer to the question: "Is Django faster than PHP?", then it’s Yes! Frameworks come with a lot of pre-defined things to make things easier for you. They are designed for people wanting to spend less time doing repetitive things and want to speed up the process of creating beautiful, useful things.

  • Security. PHP is less secure than Python. The reason many experts call Python the most secure language is that it can prepare for cybersecurity attacks through scanning, malware analysis, and security testing. It can also be used with the Django framework, which in turn has its own set of security features.

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After all, for quite some time PHP has been the language of choice for most web development projects. Python, in turn, is one of the most popular programming languages today due to its unique functions and capabilities. Therefore, currently, quite a lot of popular and large businesses choose the latter.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be better prepared to make the right decision.


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